Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Send Out A Search Party....

We are trying to find a new kind of normal.

On December 24th, my dad was admitted into the hospital. We knew that he had a glioblastoma, grade IV. I left on Dec. 25th. to go to California and be with him while he was in the hospital. My mom came to stay with the kids. I was in CA for 2 weeks (about). Came home for a week, then went back. Came home for 2 days and went back again, this time to say my final goodbyes.

My dad died peacefully at home on February 2. We have just returned from CA (all of us) from his Celebration of Life Service.

The months of December and January have been a blur. I've stopped being self conscious about crying mightily in airports. And on airplanes. Each time I left dad it was unbearable.
My heart is broken that my precious dad isn't here anymore.